Our Story

This brainchild called Fehmz Mocktails starts from Fehmz and her passion to turn something she loved doing into a viable business proposition. She recognised the niche in the market when she was one of the first people to launch into the market of mocktails in 2011. 


The journey was not easy and filled with many lessons but Fehmz Mocktails launched commercially available bottled drinks in 2015, stocked in speciality retail and food outlets. As we continue to learn and adapt, as a small business we have pushed forth to grow, we are making our way through learning the intricacies of the beverage industry and expanding the brand to take our flavour profiles to new heights. 


In 2019 we launched the first of our Mocktail sweets range and we realise that we have evolved from being a beverage company into a unique flavour company making commercial products with our individually developed flavours. 


Our range has expanded from mocktails to also include mocktail bonbons, mocktail mini sticks, mocktail vape juices, mocktail confetti as well as an exciting new product launching soon. 


One thing we have held on tightly to, is making everything in small batches, working with small businesses and companies to benefit our network and to continue to put a quality product onto the market for consumers to enjoy. 


Fehmz Mocktails is an artisanal business making mocktails fun. Small batches made with love, for you to enjoy.

Why Choose Us

We're a small artisan business

All our products are made by hand in small batches. We first started mocktails by making them at home after we returned home from work. Over the years our business has grown to now include two full time employees and one part time driver. Every time you support us, you make it possible for us to continue doing what we love, pay our employees and build our business. 

Our ingredients are locally sourced

All our products are made in South Africa from products that are sourced and produced locally. We are a proudly South African company with a strong network of suppliers from raw materials to final finishes. 

We are available nationwide
(& internationally)

We are stocked in over 20 small deli-type stores, online stores and restaurants in South Africa. We are also available in a few Spars and Petrol Station convenience stores around the country. 

Internationally you can find our products at some stores in Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and United Arab Emirates.